Images in movement and words in evolution to tell a bit about MAX&Co.
Little fragments that compose a great mosaic, along with everything that inspires, envelops and breathes life into our fashion collections.
Shared ideas, emotions to be shared. With all MAX&Co. friends.

A story in continuous evolution.
We are an Italian fashion brand.
A young and creative team, constantly striving for excellence.
We put our whole hearts into it, sharing this passion with the entire world.

The goal is clear, the path defined along the way.
We do our utmost, exploring new horizons, always looking forward.
A perfectly balanced wardrobe
poised between the latest trends and evergreen must-haves.

Simple, without ever simplifying.
We love what we do.
Our style is nonchalant, fresh and dynamic.
Our reward the smiles of those who wear our creations.

The world is moving quickly and we are staying apace.
We are brimming with positive energy and optimism.
We stay alert, curious and always on the job.
Forging ahead at the right speed.
That’s us.

Like the women who select our fashions. Authentic.
A genuine brand, composed of history, ideas and people.
Proudly MAX&Co.

MAX&Co. is a retail project run by Manifatture del Nord s.r.l., a member company of Max Mara Fashion Group, launched in 1986, dedicated to real, fashion-conscious women, eager to put together a personal style composed of clothing, accessories, ideas.

A way of being individual and dynamic, where the hallmark Italian sartorial tradition merges with creative and technological experimentation on forms, materials and colors.
Made-in-Italy quality combined with style, glamour and design.

Worldwide & just round the corner. About 450 single-label boutiques and shop-in-shops in Italy and the rest of the world, featuring the MAX&Co. collections on an exclusive basis.