1. Jump for joy

Stylist’s Picks
Jump for joy

Sky is the limit

Calling all unstoppable women: it’s time to celebrate your feminine power and believe in your limitless possibilities. Live life to the MAX, and feel empowered, energetic and strong in clothes as dynamic as you are.

Tulle duster coat

lei1,249.00  lei749.00
2 available colours

Straight-fit selvedge jeans

lei909.00  lei545.00

Logo keychain charm

lei149.00  lei89.00

Ribbed lamé jumper

lei849.00  lei509.00
2 available colours

Canvas desert boots

lei1,649.00  lei989.00

Lightweight waterproof parka

lei1,249.00  lei749.00
3 available colours

The sky’s the limit: shades of blue exude soft power.

Nappa leather jacket

lei1,679.00  lei1,007.00
3 available colours

Hooded cape in wool beaver cloth

lei2,619.00  lei1,571.00

Fleece and nylon bomber jacket

lei899.00  lei539.00
2 available colours

Fleece joggers

lei619.00  lei371.00
2 available colours

Sablé midi dress

lei1,049.00  lei629.00

Jersey and nylon T-shirt

lei449.00  lei269.00

Celebrating you

The key to mastering modern power dressing isn’t about what you wear, it’s how you wear it. There’s no need to choose between comfort and style, have it all by opting for up-for-anything, go-anywhere pieces.

Semi-glossy organic jeans

lei959.00  lei575.00

Reversible leather belt

lei589.00  lei353.00
2 available colours

Gabardine cargo pants

lei829.00  lei497.00

ROO shopper backpack in nappa leather

2 available colours

Jersey and poplin T-shirt

lei449.00  lei269.00
2 available colours

Column heel court shoes

lei1,649.00  lei1,154.00
2 available colours

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